Hello world.  

I was born in Belgium and moved to the US as a kid.  After college, I moved to China and ended up living there for 7 years.  I've also spent time living in Japan and France.  

Playing music, first trumpet in school and then guitar as a teenager, was initially one of my main artistic expressive outlets.  I felt a strong affinity to playing improvisational music.  

For most of my life, I shunned exploring visual arts as an avenue for self-expression - primarily out of self-doubt and lack of formal educational experiences.  I harbored a belief that the visual arts were meant for "someone else."   This all changed late one evening in November 2013 when I started playfully experimenting.  Mediums to date have included acrylics, markers, oil, paper collages, pastels, spray paint, digital, ceramics and metal.

What else: you can learn more about me here.  I studied physics in school, which led me initially to coding and then a bunch of different endeavors.  It's all the same of course: in my work as with art projects, I'm happy when I find myself in situations where I can improvise and collaborate with kindred spirits...